China-Africa trade cooperation fosters inclusive, sustainable growth in Africa: UN official

Source:xinhua 2024-06-03

China-Africa trade cooperation is playing a pivotal role in fostering inclusive and sustainable development across Africa, a senior official with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said on Friday.

Diane Sayinzoga, UNCTAD's chief of the Regional Office for Africa, said the China-Africa trade partnership has facilitated the implementation of major infrastructure projects that are crucial for the economic integration and growth of the African continent.

"The China-Africa cooperation is aligned with UNCTAD's goals of promoting sustainable development by enhancing Africa's manufacturing capacities, increasing trade opportunities, fostering economic diversification, and integrating the African countries into the global value chain," Sayinzoga told Xinhua in an exclusive interview.

She said Chinese investments in agriculture, manufacturing, renewable energy development and various other sectors in Africa not only create jobs and boost local economies, but also serve as a platform for technology transfer and increase export and tax revenues.

"China is a key trading partner of Africa. Wherever you go in Africa, you will find 'made in China' products. Chinese investors are everywhere in Africa, and the partnership is really being reflected in different sectors, especially in the development of infrastructure and economic zones," she said.

Sayinzoga expressed her confidence that China will remain an important trading partner as African countries seek China's huge investment to tap their natural resources in win-win cooperation.

According to the UN official, the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) provides a structured avenue for dialogue, policy coordination and capacity building, thus helping deepen economic ties between China and the rest of the world, including Africa.

"Within the BRI context, China has been promoting win-win cooperation with African countries and the rest of the world, while UNCTAD has been implementing various capacity-building projects in Africa to promote South-South cooperation and sustainable development by drawing on China's development experience and its existing institutional capabilities," she said.

Sayinzoga also said the vast Chinese market is another big opportunity for exports from Africa, helping countries in the continent succeed in economic diversification and meet their development goals.

She said the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) has significantly enhanced Africa-China relations by providing a structured forum for African and Chinese leaders to discuss and implement strategic initiatives aimed at promoting mutual development.

"FOCAC has led to numerous agreements on investment, trade and development projects between China and African countries to achieve shared development goals, which are perfectly in line with UNCTAD's mission," she said. 


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