Huawei Kenya begins ICT talent program amid growing Sino-Kenya ties

Source:xinhua 2020-09-18

  Huawei Kenya kicked off this year's Seeds for the Future program, which seeks to develop ICT talent amid growing Sino-Kenya ties, the company said on Wednesday.

  Will Meng, CEO of Huawei Kenya, said that the program will be held virtually for the first time providing a five-day intensive training to 60 participants from around the country who will study 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing to empower them to understand the latest technology trends.

  Meng said the program aims to develop skilled, local ICT talent and bridge communication between countries and cultures.

  "By sharing ICT expertise and experiences in the global business environment, young people from different countries can learn about advanced technologies in the ICT industry and accumulate ICT expertise and skills through the Seeds for the Future program, contributing to the progress of the global ICT industry," Meng said during the virtual launch.

  The Seeds for the Future Program is Huawei's global Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) flagship program, which seeks to develop local ICT talent, enhance knowledge transfer, promote a greater understanding of and interest in the ICT sector, as well as improve and encourage regional building and participation in the digital community.

  The program, which started globally in 2008, has so far benefitted almost 200 students in Kenya since 2014 and is moving forward this year despite the disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  "We truly believe that talent is the key to success. It is why we invest so much in supporting Kenyan ICT talent which will not only drive the ICT industry but power every other industry," said Zhou Pingjian, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya.

  "We hope these students will go on to play a significant role in this wonderful country's development, and drive forwards the digital economy," he added.

  Zhou said that China places high importance on the development of the digital economy and earnestly promotes international cooperation in this area.


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