Botswana appreciates China's support during pandemic

Source:xinhua 2020-09-10

  A senior Botswana official has expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of the Botswana government to China for its anti-pandemic assistance.

  Kabo Morwaeng, Botswana's minister for presidential affairs, governance and public administration, when hosting the Chinese Ambassador to Botswana Zhao Yanbo, who paid him a courtesy call at his office in Gaborone earlier this month, said during the COVID-19 pandemic, China was the first country to extend a helping hand to Botswana with batches of medical supplies, which has met the latter's urgent need.

  Since Botswana reported its first confirmed COVID-19 case at the end of March, the southern African country has successively received several batches of anti-epidemic materials from the Chinese government and the private sector, including masks, protective clothing, gloves, infrared thermometers, testing kits, and medical equipment. These materials have played an important role in the prevention and control of the virus in the country.

  "Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China has supported Botswana's economic and social development in various ways," said Morwaeng, adding that China has taken good care of Botswana citizens and students in China, which reflects the close partnership between the two countries.

  Morwaeng further assured China of the Botswana government's commitment to strengthening and maintaining the sound relations for many more decades to come.

  "Botswana is willing to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China and learn China's experience in rapid development so as to achieve common prosperity of both countries," he said.

  Zhao briefed Morwaeng on China's anti-pandemic cooperation with the international community and assistance to Botswana in fighting against COVID-19.

  "As a major global public health crisis, the pandemic has had a huge impact on all countries, including China and Botswana. China thanks Botswana for its support in the early stage of the outbreak, and will continue to strengthen practical cooperation with Botswana in the areas of public health, infrastructure, tourism, agriculture, and digital economy to help Botswana overcome the negative impact of the pandemic and achieve economic recovery as soon as possible." Zhao said. Enditem


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