Chinese medical team returns from Sierra Leone

Source:chinadaily 2020-10-16

  After working for 15 months in the China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital, the 21st medical assistance team to Sierra Leone from Hunan province returned to Changsha on Sunday.

  The 20-member team, including 19 medical workers from departments of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, anesthesiology and others, arrived at the hospital in the nation's capital city of Freetown in June 2019, providing medical aid to local residents.

  After arriving at the hospital, the team members immediately began to establish an orderly workflow, including making daily working regulations and standardizing the operation rooms.

  In total, they have served 21,740 patients in the hospital and conducted more than 300 operations and 34,781 medical tests.

  They also gave training courses to 374 local medical workers in the hospital.

  Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the team extended their original one-year tenure.

  In March, when the first confirmed COVID-19 patient was reported in the nation, the China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital became the designated hospital to receive COVID-19 patients in moderate and serious condition.

  "We faced the great challenge of providing medical facilities and medicine for COVID-19 patients," said Luo Kaizhong, deputy chief physician from the infectious diseases department of Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University. "Therefore, we had to try our best to use all our skills as doctors during the treatment, such as manually counting the patient's heart rate, breathing rate and other basic tests to help diagnose their conditions."

  Despite the undeveloped medical condition in the hospital, the team members cured 72 COVID-19 patients with the help of domestic experience.

  They also provided technical support to 19 patients in serious condition and helped effectively control 14 patients' complications.

  In September Dr. Thomas. T. Samba, chief medical officer of Sierra Leone's Ministry of Health, sent letters to the National Health Commission, Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone and Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, expressing gratitude for the team's outstanding contribution in the fight against COVID-19 in the nation.


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