Seminar on 'Africa-China Dar es Salaam Consensus' held in Beijing

Source:chinadaily 2024-06-11

On June 7, a seminar on the "Africa-China Dar es Salaam Consensus" took place in Beijing, chaired by Professor Liu Hongwu, director of the Institute of African Studies at Zhejiang Normal University.

The event gathered nearly 50 experts and scholars from institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, and the Center for International Knowledge on Development, discussing how to promote the consensus globally and translate it into collective international action.

Liu emphasized that over the past 70 years, China-Africa cooperation has become a benchmark for South-South cooperation in the new era. He highlighted the shared goals of Global South countries in pursuing national independence, rejuvenation, and modernization in socio-economic development.

At the 13th meeting of the China-Africa Think Tanks Forum held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on March 8, scholars from think tanks representing 50 countries in China and Africa jointly issued the "Africa-China Dar es Salaam Consensus". Liu added that this consensus, available in five languages, calls for the international community to enhance development cooperation based on principles of mutual respect, solidarity, cooperation, openness, mutual benefit, and common prosperity. The objective is to achieve modernization and build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Participants at the seminar agreed that the consensus is rooted in practical cooperation in areas such as infrastructure, economic and trade exchanges, and cultural interactions. Focusing on development, the consensus outlines principles, priorities, and major concerns for the new era, offering new ideas, visions, and pathways for the Global South. It demonstrates the increased autonomy and developmental capacity of Global South countries in international affairs, along with their collaborative approach to addressing common challenges in national development and global governance.

Xu Bu, former president of the China Institute of International Studies and chair of the Academic Committee of the Faculty of African Regions and Country Studies at Zhejiang Normal University, said that development is a universal demand resonating widely and deeply across the world. He highlighted how the consensus reflects the shared aspirations of the Global South and aligns with current international trends.


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