Ambassador Ma Met with Sudan's Acting Transport Minister and Acting Finance Minister

Source:China Embassy in Sudan 2020-09-15

  On September 6, 2020, Ma Xinmin, Chinese Ambassador to Sudan, met with Hashim, the acting Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, and Heba, the acting Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, of Sudan’s transitional government. The two sides exchanged opinions on China-Sudan economic and trade cooperation and other issues of common concern like anti-epidemic cooperation. Zhang Ming, Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Sudan was also present at the meeting.

  Noting the mutual support and assistance China and Sudan have given each other since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease this year, Ma said that the bilateral relationship and people-to-people friendship have been cemented. He underlined that containing the virus, stabilizing the economy and protecting people’s livelihoods is now a pressing task confronting both countries, and the construction of major projects will play an extraordinary role in reviving the economy and assuring the public. China is willing to further its practical cooperation with Sudan, particularly through leveraging its strengths in infrastructure construction. It will support Chinese enterprises in getting engaged in Sudan’s railway, port and airport construction projects, and facilitate the delivery of the China aid slaughterhouse project as early as possible, in order to assist with business reopening and sustainable development of Sudan and give impetus to revitalizing the Sudanese economy and improving the living conditions of its people, he added.

  Improving the transportation capacity of logistics infrastructure including railways and ports is a pressing priority for Sudan to advance economic and social development, Hashim said. He stressed that infrastructure cooperation between the two countries has a good foundation and wide prospects. The Sudanese side trusts amply in enterprises and products of China and wishes to continuously expand and deepen its cooperation with China on infrastructure.

  Heba extended thanks to the Chinese side for its long-standing and valuable support for the progress in various sectors in Sudan, particularly for multiple batches of medical supplies and the medical expert team sent by China to Sudan after the outbreak of COVID-19 this year, saying that China’s assistance once again demonstrates the true brotherhood of the two nations. Sudan would like to work more closely with China to accelerate progress in key projects of common interest.

  After the meeting, the two sides witnessed the signing of the locomotive procurement contract between the Sudan Railways Corporation and the CRRC Ziyang Co., Ltd. It is understood that the Chinese enterprise will manufacture mainline locomotives, switching locomotives and their accessories in line with the technical requirements set out by Sudan, which is expected to help enhance the rail-freight capacity of Sudan. This is the latest outcome of infrastructure cooperation between China and Sudan.


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