Ambassador Ma Xinmin Publishes Article Titled CPC Treasures the Supremacy of the People on Sudanese Voice

Source:xinhua 2021-06-30

  This year marks the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Starting as a small party with just over 50 members, the CPC has grown into the largest governing party in the world with more than 91 million members. In this process, the Party embraces the people-centered philosophy in state governance as an important practice. It stays true to its original aspiration and mission of seeking happiness for the people, and is resolved to put the supremacy of the people front and center in governance.

  The people serve as the cornerstone of governance by the Party. The foundation for governance by the Party and the source of the Party’s strength is provided by the people. The Party is from the people, for the people and successful because of the people. The Party is deeply aware that its power is granted by the people. The country is the home to its people, and the people is what the country is all about. Public support forms the most solid political foundation for the Party’s governance. Looking back over the one hundred years of history, the key reason why the Party could flourish from small roots and advance from victory to victory is that it stays committed to maintaining a close bond with the people and working vigorously by their side through thick and thin, thus winning their wholehearted support. Also, the Party is deeply aware that its power must be subject to the public oversight and that the people is the ultimate judge of its work performance. The times set the exam, the Party takes the exam, and the people review the exam. The capabilities and performance of governance by the Party must and can only be judged by the people. The support, approval, and consent of the people is always the fundamental criterion for appraising all initiatives.

  Serving the people is the foundation of the CPC’s own development. Seeking the happiness of the people is what all Party members aspire to. Over the course of governance, the Party adheres to the philosophy of building itself for the public good and exercising power in the interests of the people. Committed to serving the people wholeheartedly as the fundamental purpose, the Party always puts the vast majority of the people at the forefront of governance, stressing that the interests of the people are the top priority. All the Party does is to realize, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. Since its inception, the CPC has been taking the people’s desire for a better life as the focus of its endeavors. The ultimate purpose of the Party rallying and leading the people in the revolution, construction and reform is to bring them a better life. Achieving common prosperity among all people is the basic principle that underpins the socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is also an abiding mission the Party strives to complete. As the centenary of the CPC is approaching, the Chinese people, led by the CPC, are all lifted out of extreme poverty, an issue that has haunted the Chinese nation for thousands of years. With a complete victory over poverty that has amazed the world, the Party creates a miracle in the history of poverty reduction, taking a big stride toward achieving common prosperity for all.

  Relying on the people is the basic approach adopted by the Party. Convinced that the people are the true heroes, the CPC has been taking the people’s wisdom and strength as the fundamental approach to advance its undertakings. The mass line, considered as the lifeline for the CPC, is the biggest political advantage enjoyed by the Party, and also the secret of why the vitality and fighting capacity of the Party has endured. Relying on the people requires that the principle of “from the people, to the people” shall be observed. The Party needs to draw wisdom from the people and learn from their strengths, and, what’s more, to translate the correct ideas of the Party into the voluntary action of the people. Also, relying on the people requires that close ties shall be kept with them. The Party always stands with and maintains a close relationship with the people, and never detaches itself from the people. Furthermore, relying on the people requires that the principal position and pioneering spirit of the people shall be respected. The CPC seeks advice on governance from the people, solicits their needs, and relies on their wisdom. In this way, the people are fully energized under the Party’s leadership to create history.

  Safeguarding the people’s rights and interests is the fundamental goal pursued by the CPC. How to serve the people and rely on them in all endeavors comes down to the practical protection of their rights and interests. Protecting and representing the will and interests of the people is where the entire efforts of the Party start and end. The Party ensures that the people are the real masters of the country, and enables them to engage extensively in state governance and social governance. The Party also respects and guarantees the basic rights of the people. By aligning the universality of human rights with China’s national conditions, the Party has always prioritized the people’s rights to subsistence and development and guaranteed their political rights as well as economic, social and cultural rights. It upholds the belief that development is for the people and relies on the people, and that the fruits of development must be shared by the people. The Party works to continuously improve the wellbeing of the people, protect the environment and promote social fairness and justice, and successfully finds a human rights development path with Chinese characteristics.

  Nothing in the world is more important than the people. It is the people that are the creators of history. Putting the people first has proven to be essential to the development of the CPC into a century-old major party with historic achievements. It has its roots in the people, perseveres in seeking benefits for the people, closely relies on the people, and protects the people at all times. Looking ahead, the CPC will remain committed to the people-centered aspiration and to the approach that stresses the supremacy of the people. By doing so, the CPC will surely write a more brilliant chapter on its new long march, with more glorious successes that will be applauded by the people and stand the test of history.


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