Kenya hosts China-Africa economic trade expo amid growing Sino-African ties

Source:xinhua 2024-05-13

The China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo (CAETE) in Africa (Kenya) 2024 kicked off on Thursday in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi as trade and investment between the two sides continue to expand.

The event in Kenya attracted a high-level delegation from central China's Hunan Province.

Rebecca Miano, cabinet secretary for the Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry, said the three-day event is a living testament to the long-standing cooperation and friendship between China and Africa. "The real focus of the event is to serve as a catalyst for unlocking Africa's unexplored potential by seamlessly connecting with China's investment and trade community."

Eric Rutto, president of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the event is a springboard for breakthrough advances that will propel China and Africa into a more competitive and sustainable future. He added that the event also provides unparalleled opportunities to forge new connections and partnerships with industry leaders, investors, and potential collaborators, paving the way for mutually beneficial collaborations that drive economic growth.

The CAETE is a follow-up action of the "eight major initiatives" at the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). Cao Zhiqiang, vice governor of China's Hunan Province, said the CAETE is a key pillar of the growing China-Africa cooperation, which has already brought mutual benefits to the two regions.

Hunan Province is committed to facilitating the entry of more African agricultural and food products into the Chinese market to boost Africa's foreign exchange earnings, he added.

According to the Hunan delegation, for five consecutive years, Hunan's import and export trade with Africa has remained the eighth largest in China and the largest in the central and western regions. 


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