China hopeful of smooth elections in Tanzania, marks 55 years of friendship

Source:chinadaily 2020-10-14

  Wang Ke, the Chinese ambassador to Tanzania, on Saturday expressed her satisfaction with ongoing election campaigns in Tanzania, stressing her country's non-interference policy in local affairs.

  Wang, who had just inspected the newly-built Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Leadership School, added that they are committed to strengthening relations between China and Tanzania.

  "We have seen smooth, open and orderly campaigns since the end of August, as per the laws governing the process. China is upholding the principle of the non-interference policy in other countries' internal affairs. Tanzania has a long history of peace, security and tranquility, and we believe that it has a strong wish, system and capability to conduct free, fair and peaceful elections," Wang said.

  General elections will be held in Tanzania on Oct 28 to elect the president and members of the National Assembly. In the elections John Magufuli, Tanzania's president, is seeking re-election and will face 14 challengers.

  Earlier on, Wang held discussions with Palamagamba Kabudi, Tanzania's foreign minister, on discussions aimed at recognizing the 55th year since the signing of the Friendship Treaty between the two countries in 1965.

  According to Kabudi, Tanzania and China have agreed to develop strategic relations to form the core values of friendly cooperation and solidarity in managing the interests and development of the respective countries.

  "This year is critical to the bilateral relationship between Tanzania and China as we celebrate 55 years since the signing of the Friendship Treaty in 1965. This treaty formed the core values of our friendly cooperation and solidarity," Kabudi said.

  "In every respect, this is a significant milestone of our long historical and all-weather friendship. A friendship that upholds the ethos of mutual respect, sovereign equality and non-interference in each other's internal affairs," Kabudi said.

  On her part, Wang said that China has always been a faithful and good friend to Tanzania and that the 55th anniversary of the friendship of the two countries is a good example, and they will always continue to respect and cherish the friendship.

  "We really cherish the cooperation between Tanzania and China. It is built on strong and unshakeable foundations that were laid 55 years ago. Our two countries will continue to work hand in hand to promote each other," Wang said.

  She added that China will continue to reiterate its commitment to strengthen the excellent bilateral relations that still exist between the two countries.

  Noting that China remains Tanzania's largest trading partner, Kabudi said 19 percent of Tanzania's imports originated from China in 2017/2018. He also added that China is Tanzania's largest source of foreign direct investment, with investment stock of over 700 projects valued at $7.1 billion and creating over 87,000 jobs.

  "China has provided a helping hand to Tanzania in implementing various projects in all fields, including health, defense and security, agriculture, infrastructure, education and the industrial sectors. These projects have enomoursly contributed to the development and well-being of Tanzanians," Kabudi said.


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