CPC has made great achievements in the past 100 years, say S. African experts

Source:xinhua 2021-09-14

  The Communist Party of China leadership has managed to unite China, grow its economy, uplift people out of poverty in the past 100 years, and promises a even brighter future for the country, said South African officials and foreign policy experts.

  The director of the Centre for Africa-China Studies at South Africa's University of Johannesburg David Monyae told China Daily that one of the major achievements of the CPC is the creation of a one-China policy. He said the CPC's capable leadership managed to unite the feudal states despite the pushback from "colonisers and imperialist".

  "The CPC had a comprehensive plan to grow the economy. They managed to uplift over 800 million people out of poverty. China under the CPC leadership has succeeded politically, economically, technologically and are now pushing to space in a coordinated and well-planned manner," said Monyae.

  He said that China managed all this because of the capable leadership of the CPC who were able to consult and plan setting targets which they met.

  Lunga Ngqengelele, spokesperson of the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, said South Africa has solidified its relations with China particularly in the past 20 years,with continuing to be China's number one trading partner in Africa.

  According to the South African government, the total bilateral trade between South Africa and China amounted to $21 billion. Ngqengelele said they want to see the relationship between the two countries deepen and expand.

  He said, "With the accreditation of the new Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Chen Xiaodong, new avenues of cooperation between the two countries will likely be added to the partnership, particularly as this relates to cooperation in the areas of health, science and technology, education and training as well as skills transfer."

  It is also anticipated that with the new ambassador, increased focus will be placed on strengthening trade and investment between the two countries, he said.

  Alex Mashilo, the South African Communist Party central committee member responsible for media and communications, said CPC has managed to rally the people to defend their "sovereignty, independence and democratic policies."

  He stated that the CPC achievement was the creation of the Chinese society. China is the second-largest economy in the world because of the good work of the CPC leaders who have managed to uplift many people out of "absolute poverty." He said the future of China looks bright under the leadership of the CPC. He said the achievements are testimony to that. He stated that the SACP enjoys cordial relations with CPC which they would like to grow.

  Mashilo said, "We would like to build strong party to party cooperation and relations. We want to strengthen our ties and that is very important. At the international level we want to work with them to build a community with a shared future defined by social justice and human solidarity. We look forward to working with our Chinese comrades."

  Monyae said China and South Africa should explore cooperation in space, infrastructural development, capacitating the state capacity particularly in the department of health. He said they could work together to help South achieve more.

  South Africa and China should work together on climate change, reform of the international global governance and peace and security in the world, Monyae said.


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