Large-scale ancient drainage system discovered in China's Shaanxi

Source:xinhua 2021-09-30

  Archaeologists in northwest China's Shaanxi Province said they have discovered large ponds and ditches at an archaeological site in the province.

  Located in Baoji City, the Zhouyuan site is believed to be the largest city ruins of the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-771 B.C.).

  Chong Jianrong, deputy director of the Shaanxi Academy of Archeology, said the ruins of four water ponds and more than 40 ditches were discovered. One pond measured 32,000 square meters with an eastward ditch stretching about 1,700 meters and a southward ditch running for 1,500 meters.

  Research showed that these ponds and ditches were part of the drainage system of the Zhouyuan site, and there were likely dedicated organizations and professionals tasked with running the system, according to Chong.

  Based on preliminarily excavation work, archaeologists also believe that the natural water system and artificial water system, reservoirs and canals constituted the whole water network of the Zhouyuan site. Enditem


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