Cabo Verde

  (Updated February 2018)

  【Official Name】Republic of Cabo Verde

  【Area】4,033 k㎡

  【Population】540,000 (2016). Ethnic groups encompass the Creole people (71%), Africans (28%) and Europeans (1%). Portuguese is the official language of the country and Creole is recognized as the national language. 98% of the population are Roman Catholic and a small minority are Protestants or practitioners of other religions.

  【Capital】Praia. It has a population of 151,000 (2013) with temperatures varying between 20℃ and 31℃.

  【Head of State】President Jorge Carlos de Almeida Fonseca was elected in August 2011 and re-elected for a second term in October 2016.

  【Holiday】Independence Day (5 July)

  【Geography and Climate】It is located at the Cabo Verde archipelago in the northern Atlantic Ocean, over 500 km off the westernmost point of the African continent (inside Senegal), with a coastline of 912.5 km. Cabo Verde has a tropical dry climate, with dry and hot northeast trades throughout the year. Average annual temperature ranges between 20 to 27℃.

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