The Gambia

  (Updated February 2018)

  【Official Name】The Republic of the Gambia

  【Area】11,295 km2

  【Population】2.05 million (2016). Major ethnic groups are Mandinka (42% of the population), Fula (also called Peul, 16%), Wolof (16%), Jola (10%) and Serahuleh (9%). English is the official language and other indigenous languages include Mandinka, Wolof, Fula (also called Peul) and Serahuleh. Islam is practiced by 90% of the population and the rest are Protestants, Catholics and followers of indigenous religions.

  【Capital】Banjul, with a population of 31,300 (2016)

  【Head of State】President Adama Barrow was elected in December 2016.

  【Holiday】Independence Day (18 February)

  【Geography and Climate】Gambia is a western African country located on a narrow strip of plain surrounded by Senegal on three sides except for the 48 km of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. Gambia has a tropical savanna climate with an average temperature of 27℃.

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