(Updated March 2018)

  【Official Name】Republic of Cameroon

  【Area】475,442 k㎡

  【Population】23.3 million (2015). There are about 200 ethnic groups, mainly the Bamileke and Pygmy. French and English are official languages. There are about 200 spoken ethnic languages. 40% of the population believe in Catholicism and Christian Protestantism, 20% believe in Islam, and 40% believe in traditional religions.

  【Capital】Yaounde, with a population of 2.538 million. The average annual temperature is 24.9℃, rainfall is 1,299mm, and the rain season lasts 133 days per year.

  【Head of State】President Paul Biya

  【Holiday】National Day (May 20)

  【Geography and Climate】Located in central Africa, Cameroon borders the Gulf of Guinea to the southwest, Nigeria to the west, Chad to the northeast, Central African Republic and Congo to the east, and Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to the south. The baseline of the coast is 360 km. The western coastal region and southern region have an equatorial rainforest climate, while the northern part has a tropical savanna climate. The annual average temperature is 24 to 28℃.

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