(Updated March 2018)

  【Official Name】Republic of Liberia

  【Area】111,370 k㎡

  【Population】4.6 million (2016). There are 16 ethnic groups, mainly including the Kpelle, Bassa and Kru. Official Language is English. Large ethnic groups have their own language. 85.6% of residents believe in Christianity, 12.2% believe in Islam, 2.2% believe in local traditional religions and other religions or do not have religious beliefs.

  【Capital】Monrovia with a population of 1.15 million

  【Head of State】President George Weah was elected in December 2017, and took office in January 2018.

  【Holiday】Independence Day (July 26)

  【Geography and Climate】Located in West Africa,it borders Guinea to the north, Sierra Leone to the northwest, Côte d’Ivoire to the east, and the Atlantic to the southwest. The coastline is 537 km long. With a tropical monsoon climate, the annual average temperature is about 25℃.

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