(Updated February 2018)

  【Official Name】Republic of Rwanda

  【Area】26,338 k㎡

  【Population】12 million (2016). It consists of three groups: Hutu (85%), Tutsi (14%) and Twa (1%). The official languages are Kinyarwanda, English, French and Swahili. 56.5% of the residents believe in Catholicism, 26% believe in Protestantism, and 4.6% believe in Islam.

  【Capital】Kigali with a population of 1.13 million (2015)

  【Head of State】President Paul Kagame (Since 2000)

  【Holiday】Independence Day (July 1); Liberation Day (July 4)

  【Geography and Climate】Located to the south of the equator in central-east Africa, Rwanda is a landlocked country that borders Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the south, the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west and northwest, and Uganda to the north. Most of the areas are tropical savanna climate. Due to its location on the highlands of East Africa, the climate is mild and cool, with an annual average temperature of 19℃.

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