(Updated March 2018)

  【Official Name】Republic of Mozambique

  【Area】799,380 km²

  【Population】28. 86 million (INE, 2017). In Mozambique, live the Makhuwa-Lomwe (about 40% of the total population), the Tsonga and others. The official language is Portuguese while each ethnic group has its native language. These native languages are predominantly among the Bantu group. Approximately 28.4% Mozambican inhabitants are Christians, 17.9% Muslims, and the remainder practice indigenous religions and Protestantism.

  【Capital】Maputo with a population of 2.006 million

  【Head of State】President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi (elected in October 2014 and took office in January 2015)

  【Holiday】Mozambican Heroes Day (3 February); Mozambican Woman’s Day (7 April); May Day (1 May); Independence Day (25 June); Victory Day (7 September); Armed Forces Day (25 September), Christmas Day/ Family Day (25 December)

  【Geography and Climate】Mozambique is a country located in Southeastern Africa, bordered by South Africa and Swaziland to the south, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi to the west, Tanzania to the north, and the Indian Ocean to the east. It lies directly across the Mozambique Channel from Madagascar, with a coastline of 2,630km. The mountainous area and highland take up approximately three-fifths of its total area while the rest are plains. It lies largely within the tropical savanna climate, with average temperatures of 20℃ in the south and 26℃ in the north. The warm and wet season lasts from October to March while the cool and dry season lasts from April to September.

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