Chinese firm launches beverages in Kenyan market

Source:Xinhua 2018-11-09

  NAIROBI, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- Sichuan Langjiu Group, one of the major liquor producers in China, has launched its signature liquor brands in the Kenyan market where cuisines and beverages from the Asian country has resonated with locals.

  Li Mingzhen, Vice President of the group, said during the launch of the company's liquor brands late Saturday that its presence in Kenya will boost trade and cultural ties between China and the African country.

  Africa is a valued market that Langjiu attaches great importance to, and it is also an important continent for the international trade of Langjiu, Li said, adding that opening up trade cooperation with East Africa is an important step in the global distribution of Langjiu's products.

  Kenyan officials and senior executives from Langjiu group attended the launch ceremony of its beverage brands that are mainly named after its birth place in Sichuan Province in China.

  The Langjiu group is among the high-end liquor producers that embody China's time-honored prowess in brewing and distillery. In recent years, it has focused on improving quality, marketing and consumer relations in a bid to expand its footprint overseas.

  In the future, Langjiu hopes to build up win-win cooperation with East Africa's partners and expand African market to achieve mutual benefits, said Li.

  Senior Kenyan officials hailed the launch of Langjiu's beverages, expressing the hope that it will create new jobs across the distribution pipeline.

  "The outlets where it will be marketed and sold will create new job opportunities," said Henry Rotich, a director in charge of metrology and testing at the Kenya Bureau of Standards.


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