Zambian town hails twinning program with Chinese city amid more investments

Source:Xinhua 2019-05-15

  CHONGWE, Zambia, May 14 (Xinhua) -- A deputy mayor of Chongwe town in Zambia's Lusaka Province on Tuesday hailed the twinning of the town with China's Mianyang city amid expanding investments.

  Evans M'hambi said the twinning program will result in massive economic and technological growth for the Zambian town and commended President Edgar Lungu for facilitating the twinning program.

  "This twinning will bring massive economic and technological growth for Chongwe and beyond," he said, adding that Mianyang is one of China's hubs for science and technology and so Zambia will certainly benefit and grow in the area of information communication and technology.

  The move, he said, will create a competitive edge for Chongwe which has been strategically set as an education and research development center by the government.

  The twinning program was launched in July, 2017.

  According to him, a Chinese firm, Sinoma Mpande Limestone Limited, has already set up a cement manufacturing plant in the district which has created about 600 jobs while about 1,000 jobs were created during the construction phase.

  He further said the construction of the TAZARA Memorial Park in the district in remembrance of the Chinese who died during the construction of the railway line joining Zambia and Tanzania was another milestone.

  He said the long-lasting friendship between the two countries has resulted in tangible benefits for the country.


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