Official says China "strategic" for Rwanda's development

Source:Xinhua 2019-08-12

  KIGALI, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- China is a "strategic" country for Rwanda's development due to its great capacity in terms of capital, investments, innovation, manufacturing and experience, as well as its fast growth over tourism, a senior Rwandan official said here on Friday.

  The potential of cooperation between Rwanda and China is big and Rwanda expects to tap the potential, CEO of Rwanda Development Board Clare Akamanzi told Xinhua on the sidelines of Golden Business Forum.

  Rwanda hopes to attract more Chinese investments and tourists to Rwanda and sell more products to China, said Akamanzi.

  Agro-processing, textile and garments, construction materials, consumer products and electronics assembly are among areas that Rwanda needs most about Chinese investments, she said.

  Rwanda Chinese Association, a partner of the forum hosted by Private Sector Federation of Rwanda, organized about 50 Chinese businessmen mainly from sectors like energy, medical equipment, e-commerce and logistics to attend the forum.

  Rwandan president Paul Kagame and several senior Rwandan officials were presented at the forum. Kagame in opening remarks highlighted private sector's role in Africa's transformation.

  Chinese ambassador to Rwanda Rao Hongwei in his remarks at the forum expressed his expectation that the Chinese attendees will establish partnership with local businesses and join hands to achieve "mutual prosperity."

  Rwanda enjoys good security, climate and business environment, and is suitable to serve as a starting point for Chinese business people to know Africa or invest in Africa, said Yin Qingri, head of the Rwanda Chinese Association, told Xinhua.

  Over 700 people from 23 countries attended the forum.


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