Chinese pay tribute to fallen aid workers in Rwanda on Martyrs' Day

Source:Xinhua 2019-10-09

  RULINDO, Rwanda, Sept. 30 (Xinhua) -- Staff of the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda and representatives of Chinese enterprises in Rwanda on Monday attended a memorial ceremony at a Chinese martyrs' cemetery in Rulindo district, Northern Rwanda, paying tribute to 10 Chinese people who sacrificed lives when doing aid work in Rwanda.

  The ceremony was held on China's Martyrs' Day, on the eve of China's National Day on Oct. 1, when Chinese people across the world will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

  All persons present stood solemnly in front of a monument to the fallen aid workers, mourning in the rain.

  "Since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Rwanda, Chinese people doing aid work in Rwanda have been contributing immensely to the cooperation and friendship of the two countries generation by generation, some of whom even sacrificed their lives," said Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda Rao Hongwei after the mourning.

  These fallen Chinese are the testimony of determination, courage and the spirit of universal love of Chinese aid workers in Rwanda, and are the reflection of the Chinese people's unchanging commitment to the friendship between China and Rwanda, said Rao.

  The ambassador and Li Jianbo, head of the association of Chinese enterprises in Rwanda and general manager of China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) in Rwanda, jointly laid a flower basket on the monument of the 10 Chinese during the ceremony. Afterwards, all present laid flowers on gravestones of the ten.

  The cemetery, named as Rulindo Chinese Martyrs' Cemetery, was first built in 1982 by CRBC for a deceased employee. In 1997, another employee of CRBC, Chen Jian, perished in the line of duty. Chen was recognized as a martyr and buried in the cemetery. From 1982 to 1997, a total of 10 Chinese who passed away while working in aid projects for Rwanda were buried in the cemetery.

  On Sept. 30 of every year, China's Martyrs' Day, Chinese people will pay tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the great cause of peace and development of China and the world.


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