Chinese Juncao technology helps accelerate Madagascar's sustainable development: official

Source:Xinhua 2020-01-13

  ANTANANARIVO, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Juncao technology speeds up Madagascar's progress in 2030 agenda for sustainable development, a Malagasy senior official said Saturday in Madagascar's capital Antananarivo.

  The general secretary of Madagascar's ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery, Tilahy Desire, made the remarks during a capacity building workshop on Juncao technology held on Saturday in Antananarivo for policy makers and farmers in Madagascar.

  Juncao, which literally means "mushroom" and "grass," refers to a Chinese-invented technology using grass to grow mushrooms. China has shared the agricultural technology with over 100 countries. Its use can help increase local income through low-cost mushroom cultivation and contain desertification by providing a new source of cattle feed.

  "It is with the importance of partners in mind that my department has decided to advance the introduction of Juncao technology in several countries, including Madagascar," the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs finance officer Armin Plum said at the workshop.

  "Madagascar has enormous climatic potential for planting Juncao grass," Professor Lin Zhanxi, a Chinese professor who invented the technology, told the participants at the workshop.

  Lin said he hoped Juncao technology will develop in wide scale in Madagascar, where Juncao is still known only through the sale of Juncao cuttings and the giant pennisetum silage bale, which is used to feed livestock during the dry seasons since its implementation in the country in 2017.


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