Ugandan analysts hail China as example for developing world in anti-poverty fight

Source:xinhua 2020-07-27

  China, which is endeavoring to achieve the goal of eliminating absolute poverty by the end of this year, has set an example for the developing world in the fight against poverty, Ugandan analysts have said.

  The developing world does not need to reinvent the wheel in the poverty fight, and they can learn from what China has done, Phillip Idro, a former Ugandan diplomat, told Xinhua.

  Idro, once Uganda's ambassador to China, said the Asian country considered poverty alleviation as a key priority in its development agenda.

  He said the Communist Party of China clearly understands its responsibility in the fight against poverty.

  "Political parties should always have a long-term vision in strategic thinking, with the interests of the majority guiding the government," Idro said.

  Allan Chekwech, a journalist with local newspaper Daily Monitor, said that China's political system puts people first.

  "China has been thinking inward first ... their system ensures that ... everyone benefits from any initiative," Chekwech said.

  Idro said China has demonstrated to the world that the war against poverty can be won. China has moved from a poverty-stricken country to a global economic power house, ranking the second largest economy in the world.

  "Today the world needs China more than ever before. From small items to big, they are made in China, and cheaper too. It's now a global economic power," Idro said, emphasizing developing countries like Uganda can learn from China's experience in the fight against poverty.

  China has become a trailblazer in poverty alleviation. "Uganda needs growth, and China has done that," Idro said.

  Chekwech suggested developing countries also need to emulate China's zero tolerance of corruption if they are genuinely fighting poverty.

  They need to enforce the rule of law and strictly supervise government projects that are aimed at pulling the citizens out of poverty, Chekwech said. Enditem


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