Feature: Chinese blockbuster charms Chinese community in Nigeria

Source:Xinhua 2019-10-09

  by Guo Jun

  ABUJA, Oct. 2 (Xinhua) -- A latest Chinese blockbuster movie has received an overwhelming welcome from the Chinese community in Nigeria as it hit theaters here on Tuesday.

  The movie, "My Country, My People," is dedicated to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

  "It is a wonderful movie," 12-year-old Miao Shuren told Xinhua after he emerged from a theater in Abuja at the end of a showing.

  He said he was most impressed by the story of an engineer who overcame a number of difficulties related to flag-raising on the eve of PRC's founding ceremony. "It is so real and inspirational," he said.

  An anthology consisting of seven short stories directed by different Chinese directors, "My Country, My People" is based on seven epic moments since the founding of PRC, including the founding ceremony, successful explosion of the first atomic bomb, Hong Kong's return to China, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, etc.

  The movie reaped more than 500 million yuan in 36 hours as it came out in theaters in China since Monday, according to media reports.

  Bringing along his four-year-old son, Yuan An said his family had a colorful afternoon.

  "The movie seems to bring us closer to our friends and relatives back in China and also the jubilant atmosphere there, on the exact same day when every Chinese is celebrating," he said.

  Nan Yuefeng from StarTimes Nigeria told Xinhua he was touched by every story of the movie, which zooms in on members of the general public and their unique contribution to the historic course.

  "I'm deeply touched. China's achievements for the past 70 years could not be realized without dedication of every ordinary person like you and me," Nan said.

  Sheriffdeen Adewale was among the several Nigerians who obviously could enjoy the movie despite a language barrier.

  "I have always seen movies as a way of telling stories, whether fictional or historical. Today I experienced good story telling at its best- Chinese stories told with such skill and dexterity. I almost had no need to read the English subtitles to be immersed in the stories," Adewale said.

  Of the seven great stories told, the one that stood out to him was of a little boy who sacrificed his personal needs to ensure that his community had a good view of a volleyball match on an old black and white TV.

  "It reminded me of my childhood. I have found myself in the same condition as this young boy, holding up a broken antenna while dangling on a precarious ledge," he said.

  He urged Nigeria's movie industry, Nollywood, to learn from these Chinese movies with a patriotic theme.

  "Patriotism and love for the motherland is important for a nation to grow. A nation that forgets its history is bound to repeat its mistakes," he said. "Nigeria can borrow a page from this kind of movies and there is need to bring back stories from our past that once united us."


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