African artist cheers Chinese people with music

Source:China Daily 2020-02-13


The outbreak of the new coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV, requires attention, patience and assistance from all members of society. On Feb 9, African dancer Abbe Simon released a song he wrote giving good wishes and support for China.

"Here is a song I wrote for our lovely country China. Just to remind all of us we are victorious, and we will always be! Zhongguo Jia You! You're victorious! And we love you!" Simon said.

Simon, a former lead dancer for a well-known Cameroon hip-hop group, discovered not only inspiration but also a future in China.

In 2008, Simon founded his own dance group -- ABBE Dance -- in Cameroon. With his partner and wife Jiang Keyu, they combine modern dance, hip pop, African drum dance, Tai Chi and qigong techniques into a comprehensive training method.

Early in 2016 they built an art platform, BodyBoulevard, to teach Chinese children African drum and dance. The couple aims to promote African culture and build a bridge between China and Africa.

They have been invited to perform on international stages, including the Beijing Olympics and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.


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