20 years of China-Africa cooperation: Stronger than ever

Source:中国投资参考 2020-03-25


   The FOCAC reverses international relations


  Since the first FOCAC in 2000, China based its cooperation with African countries on some crucial principles; the most important one is the Win-Win cooperation. We should never forget that Africa is the least developed continent in the world.


  Before 2000, several African countries have suffered the impact of the economic recovery and restructuring programs imposed by the financing institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB). Many experts said that IMF was a tool of submission of countries of the third world and stooped the development of African countries. It creates political and economic dependence on Occident.


  African countries needed vital funding like never before to invest in their program of development and revive their economies seriously. In this context, Chinese aid is welcome for many African countries, especially those who are in default with the international financial institutions.


  Because FOCAC, China becomes the first partnership of Africa. The Trade between China and its African partners reached a record level of $ 208.7 billion in 2019 when it did not exceed 10 billion dollars in 2000.


  In January 2015, Beijing signed a memorandum with the African Union to constitute a common transport network between the 54 countries of the continent which will be composed of railway lines, including high-speed, airports, roads and highways.


  Moreover, China brings also its expertise and technology in some specific projects. It is noted that there are more than 10 000 chinses companies present on the continent, in almost all African countries.


  Besides, there is also the "reality of number" as reminded Amadou Ba, the Senegalese Minister for Foreign Affairs on 25 June 2019, ten months after the Beijing Summit of FOCAC. He said that the cooperation between China and Africa is founded on the development of 10,000 km of roads, 6,000 km of railways, 30 ports, 20 airports and 80 power stations over the past decade by Chinese firms across the continent.


  Algeria one of the best example of cooperation

  Only in Algeria, there are about 800 chinses companies and they give their expertise and knowledge in big projects launched by the government as the Est-West highway (1276 km), the Big mosque (constructed on seismic area), the barrages, the houses and more.


  One of the significant projects which Chinese companies played a key role is the North-south expressway project (115km). This vital project is located in the most challenging part of the Trans-Sahara Highway (4800km), which links North Africa to West Africa (Algiers in Algeria to Lagos in Nigeria). The terrain is challenging, and the geological conditions are complex, it is the most difficult highway in Algeria. It noted that Algeria has the densest road network in Africa (108 302 km).


  China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), which took this project, had constructed all the bridges and tunnels in the 53 km part. The project has promoted the economic development of the region; the project connects the more-developed region in the north to less developed region in the south and may even reach out into Sub-Saharan markets through the Trans-Sahara Highway, which has 1700 km in Algeria.


  The cooperation between China and Algeria is not limited to infrastructures. China helped in conception and lunching the most important Algerian satellite Alcomsat-1. Today the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) ensures a good return on investment. With the Alcomsat-1 system, ASAL has had positive and promising feedback on the performance of program communications and broadcasting. There are new applications in broadcasting, telephony, data transmission, disaster management and live coverage of sporting and cultural events.


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