Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Regular Press Conference on October 11, 2018

Source:MFA 2018-10-12


Q: The President of Sierra Leone has announced the cancellation of a large-scale airport project planned to be funded by Chinese enterprises, saying that it is uneconomical to undertake such an expensive project. He once accused China's projects in his country of offering no help to the local people or national development. Can you confirm that? What is your comment? Will China consider asking for compensations if such a project does exist?

A: According to what I know, this project is just one being discussed between Chinese and Sierra Leone enterprises.


You mentioned that the President of Sierra Leone accused China's projects in his country of failing to improve the benefits of local people. I don't know where you got this information. China conducts its cooperation with African countries, including with Sierra Leone, on the basis of equal consultation, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. The Chinese government always encourages Chinese enterprises to engage in more consultations with local governments and channel more benefits to people's livelihood sectors. This is our consistent policy. We don't believe that this project issue you mentioned shall be exaggerated into the Chinese government and the Sierra Leone government having any problems.


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