Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Regular Press Conference on March 18, 2019

Source:MFA 2019-03-19

  Q: US Assistant Secretary of State Tibor Nagy said recently during a trip to Uganda that the effects of China-Africa cooperation is being over-exaggerated. US input in good governance and security in Africa far outstrips that of China and yet has not received much attention. In contrast, stadiums built with Chinese assistance got a lot of attention from the public in Africa,which is very annoying. China's loans increased Africa's debt burden and Chinese people are stealing business and jobs from the local people. What's your comment?

  A: We noted that recently US officials, one after another, made many irresponsible remarks on China-Africa cooperation during trips to Africa. Such groundless accusations filled with cold-war mentality is typical sour grapes and reflects a deep-seated zero-sum game mindset of some in the US. I want to point out that these flawed allegations based on anything but facts will find no audience at all in Africa.

  The long-standing China-Africa friendship has withstood the test of time and changing international landscape and stands as a towering tree that no force could topple. In advancing cooperation with Africa, China is committed to the principle of sincerity, real results, amity and good faith and always pursues the greater good and shared benefits. We have Africa's development and African people's welfare at heart and never seek selfish political gains. We put our strengths and resources where Africa needs them most. When providing financing options to African countries, China always respects their will, bears in mind the local conditions and puts great weight on the economic and social impact of projects. Through such means, China has contributed significantly to African countries' endeavor to achieve self-reliant sustainable development.

  As we speak, China-Africa cooperation is yielding fruitful results all across Africa, bringing tangible benefits to every aspect of local people's lives. It is these people who are in the best position to judge the effects of China-Africa cooperation projects. Today, what Africa needs least is a grand lecture by someone that dictates to them what should or should not be done. What it needs is sincere cooperation between partners. As a matter of fact, many state leaders and people in Africa have stepped up to refute those blaming China for Africa's debt issues. We advise the US officials visiting Africa to listen to the voices of Africa and help Africa through concrete actions.


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