Tanzanian FM confident China will soon prevail over novel coronavirus

Source:Xinhua 2020-02-06

  BEIJING, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- Tanzania's Foreign Minister Palamagamba Kabudi said on Tuesday his country believes that China will soon win the battle against the novel coronavirus.

  He made the remarks in a phone conversation with Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

  Kabudi, on behalf of the Tanzanian government, extended condolences to China over the epidemic of the novel coronavirus, and stressed that the Tanzanian side, as China's close comrade and brother sharing weal and woe, stands firmly with China at this difficult time.

  The Tanzanian side thanked Beijing for ensuring the safety of Tanzanian nationals in China and supports China's response, which is in line with guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO), Kabudi said. The official said that the prevention and control measures taken by China have effectively curbed the spread of the epidemic to other countries.

  Wang thanked the Tanzanian side for its sympathy and support, saying that Tanzania is a good and trustworthy friend of China and the China-Tanzania friendship has stood through a turbulent international landscape.

  The Chinese people are united as one in the fight against the epidemic and work is progressing in an orderly way, said Wang.

  Noting that the number of cured patients has considerably surpassed that of the deaths, and the pace of new suspected cases is slowing, Wang said these positive changes have been achieved through hard work and China will eventually win the fight against the epidemic.

  WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has spoken highly of China's efforts against the epidemic and expressed confidence in China's victory, said Wang, adding that Tedros also praised China for setting a new standard for countries around the world in epidemic prevention and control.

  Wang expressed China's appreciation and thanks to Tanzania for his remarks at the 146th session of the WHO Executive Board meeting in Geneva on Monday.

  On behalf of African countries at the meeting, the Tanzanian delegate spoke highly of China's swift and strong response, saying that China's efforts have prevented the epidemic from worsening, and Africa will stand firmly with China.

  Wang said that China has not only protected the safety and health of every Chinese compatriot, but has also contributed to strengthening international public health.

  So far, the number of confirmed cases reported overseas has accounted for less than 1 percent of the total number in China, showing that China has effectively curbed the spread of the epidemic to other countries, Wang said.

  China, he added, will continue to share information with the world in an open and transparent manner, and strengthen public health cooperation with the countries of Africa, including Tanzania.


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