Study Hard to Serve Your Motherland-- Remarks Made by Ambassador Ma Xinmin at the Farewell Reception for Awardees of the 2019 Chinese Government Scholarship

Source:Chinese embassy to Sudan 2019-08-05


(Chinese embassy to Sudan, 19:00 on August 7, 2019)

Your Excellency Mr. Siddig Bushra, the Director-general of External Relations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research,

Students, ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening! It is a great pleasure for us to be gathered here tonight to issue the admission letters and give a send-off to Sudanese students wining the 2019 Chinese government scholarship before they embark on a bright new journey to study in China. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Sudan, I would like to extend warm congratulations to all awardees.

Students, ladies and gentlemen,

China and Sudan are intimate friends, close partners and good brothers. Although our two nations are thousand miles apart, China-Sudan traditional friendship is deeply rooted in the hearts of both peoples. Among our exchanges at all levels that become more frequent and yield fruitful results, educational exchanges have played an irreplaceable role. In August 1970, governments of the two countries signed the Cooperation Agreement on Science, Technology and Culture that provides an institutional guarantee for educational exchanges and cooperation between the two sides. The two governments also take an active approach to building the platform for their cooperation on higher education under the framework of the “China-Africa Cooperation Forum” and of the “China-Arab States Cooperation Forum”, in an effort to promote exchanges and cooperation in the sphere of higher education between the two countries. So far, universities including University of Khartoum, Sudan University of Science and Technology and University of Gezira have launched educational exchange and cooperation programs with Chinese institutions of higher learning.

The educational exchanges and cooperation between China and Sudan enjoy a long history. You students may be curious about when our two nations sent students to each other for the first time? In fact, as early as 1960, the second year after the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries, the Chinese government promulgated a regulation on education for students sent by China and Sudan to each other, ushering in an era of two-way student exchange. After China initiated reform and opening up in 1978, the exchange of students between the two countries experienced rapid development. In 2018, the Chinese government offered scholarships of different types to over 400 Sudanese students, and Sudanese students studying in China amounted to over 3,000.

Chinese President Xi Jinping once remarked, “young people are the tomorrow of the country and hope of the nation, and a nation will prosper only when its young people thrive”. The educational exchanges and cooperation between China and Sudan have a bearing on the future of China-Sudan friendship. Continuing studies in China is now one of the top choices of Sudanese students. The returned Sudanese students are active in professions of all walks of life, including institutions of higher learning, many of whom have become eminent in the industries they serve and played as the backbone of discipline development, not only making significant contributions to social and economic development and development of higher education in Sudan but also playing a positive role in enhancing policy coordination, facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bonds for the two countries, promoting exchanges and cooperation in various fields between China and Sudan and deepening China-Sudan traditional friendship.

Students, ladies and gentlemen,

As the Prophet Muhammad said, “seek knowledge even if you have to go as far as China”. It is of particular significance that you win the Chinese government scholarship this year which marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Over the past seven decades, Chinese people unite together and forge ahead, making remarkable achievements, and now make endless efforts towards the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic ties. The journey of trials and hardships undergone by the two nations while moving forward together have been witnessed and developed by your parents and grandparents. Looking forward into the future, China and Sudan will see bright prospects for their bilateral relations. And I am confident that the future of brilliant China-Sudan ties in the next six decades will be surely created and maintained by you young people.

At this moment, you will begin your journey to study in China, I would like to express my hopes in three respects.

First, I hope you will value this precious learning opportunity. You are advised to make full use of educational resources available in China, study hard to gain more knowledge and make unremitting endeavor to explore the truth, doing your best to improve your expertise and capabilities and complete your studies in China successfully.

Second, I hope you will be good ambassadors of your country. You need to gain a full understanding of and strictly observe Chinese laws and all rules your universities have in place, show respect to China’s basic national conditions and folk customs, and make your own contributions to enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples.

Third, I hope you will serve your country after finishing your studies in China. You are advised to align your own dreams with the development prospects of your motherland and the China-Sudan friendship and contribute to the future development of your country where you are born and brought up. I expect you will disseminate the Chinese culture in Sudan and play as envoys of China-Sudan friendship.

In conclusion, may you all a successful and enjoyable experience of studies in China and a promising future, and may the friendship between China and Sudan be everlasting.

Thank you!


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