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  Your Excellency, Xie Xiaowu, Consul General of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Zanzibar,

  Hon. Ministers,

  Your Excellency Consuls General,

  Your Excellency Heads of International Organization,

  Heads of Government Institutions,

  Distinguished Guests,

  Ladies and Gentlemen.

  Your Excellency

  On behalf of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to thank you, your Excellency, for inviting us to join you with your entire consulate staff and the Chinese community based in Zanzibar to attend, and to the privilege, I officiate this outstanding reception marking 70th Anniversary of the national day of the People’s Republic of China. The founding of the People's Republic of China was officially proclaimed by Mao Zedong, the Chairman of the Communist Party of China on 1 October 1949 in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The first public parade of the then new People's Liberation Army took place there, following the chairman's address of the formal foundation of the new republic.

  Distinguish Guests, ladies and gentlemen

  The 70thcelebrations marking China national day taking place at a period that China and Zanzibar have a lots to count after long lasting mutual and brotherly cooperation between the two governments.  

  Special thanks to the personal attention and support of Chairman Mao Zedong, President Julius Nyerere and other pioneers of Sino-Tanzania relations, our two countries established diplomatic relationship in 1964 and opened the doors of an all-weather friendship.

  OVER the past 50 years, China and Tanzania have shared weal and woe and remained good friends who come to each other’s assistance. There is Swahili saying “ AKUSAIDIAE KWA DHIKI NDIE RAFIKI”. In China there is a song, a piece of stand-up comedy and a photo that can symbolize our profound friendship. The song is called “Chinese Medical Teams in Tanzania”, which tells moving stories of Chinese medical teams helping the sick in Tanzania and celebrates the sincere friendship of the Chinese people reflected in the most enduring assistance project of China in Africa. The piece of stand-up comedy is called “Ode to Friendship”, which tells the perseverance of Chinese railway engineers who built the TAZARA Railway. It commends the spirit of internationalism in the most influential China-Africa cooperation project.

   In the 1960s, Tanzania-China relations developed in the context of socialism and anti-Western sentiment. Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai’s famous 1965 trip to Africa, particularly to Tanzania, saw the occasion of the signing of a friendship treaty between both countries. It is well known that, this period marked the beginning of a close military co-operation; also the construction of more than 100 factories in the following ten years, including well known developments such as Mubarali Rice Farm, Kiwira Coal Mine and Mahonda Sugar Cane Factory in Zanzibar and the Tanzania-China Friendship Textile Mill (Urafiki), the largest fully integrated textile mill in East Africa when it was completed. Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, the founding Father of Tanzania, the first Chairperson of our party CCM and the architect of Tanzanian socialism, made Tanzania to became the largest beneficiary of Chinese aid in Africa. It was early as 1965 that China proposed to build the TAZARA, the railways that would ten years later link the Zambian copper belt to the port of Dar es Salaam.

  The remarkable believe of Chairman Mao that “We need to help our friends even though we yet have nothing”. This all-weather friendship, cemented in 1971, by one of the son of Zanzibar, former Tanzania representative to the UN, Hon. Dr Salim Ahmed Salim under the official direction from Dar Es Salaam assisting on the restoration of all China’s legitimate rights in the United Nations (UN).

  In this remark, I would like to take once again, this opportunity to thank H.E Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China; the People and Government of China for honour extended to H.E Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim, former Ambassador of Tanzania to Egypt; China and to the United Nations by awarding him with friendship medal for his efforts that led China restore its rightful seat at the United Nations in 1971.

  Dr. Salim was among the few dignitaries awarded the prize include H.E Vladimir Putin, President of Russia and H.E Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan.

  These ideological and political solidarities contributed to multiplying exchanges of official visits. For example, Nyerere visited China five times as president (19641985) and another eight times after he stepped down in 1985 in his capacity as chairman of the South Commission (he died in 1999). Having remained as head of the CCM until 1990, Nyerere was also instrumental in the establishment of party to party relations between the CCM and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which indeed our countries continue aiding through our long friendship.

  On the Tanzanian side, Zanzibar specifically, the CCM-CCP relationship has remained a useful channel to reach out to China’s top leaders and perpetuate a feeling of closeness with China’s political elite. China was among the first countries to recognize the Revolution of Zanzibar of 1964, which led to the equality and freedom to the people of Zanzibar. China had also taken as an example by the Zanzibar to legitimise the current economic reforms in the name of “socialism” and its necessary adaptation to globalisation.

  Your excellency,  

  Zanzibar is noting very close on economic trend taking place in China considering China is the world number one title="List of countries by exports"exporter of goods and title="List of largest consumer markets"fastest-growing consumer market. And with no doubt, China is the title="List of countries by imports"second-largest importer of goods.

  In trade, China counted as largest trading nation in the world and plays a prominent role in title="International trade"international trade.

  With those economic dimensions, the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and her people, appreciate the uniqueness importance of economic partnership with China and needful continuation of bilateral cooperation for mutual benefit.

  The Mao Zedong sport ground at Maisara Zanzibar is a good symbol of history and friendship between Zanzibar and China. On behalf of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, and the people of Zanzibar, indeed we thank you so much for your effort of renovating the Mao Zedong sport ground to become a modern one. The image of the ground is now echoed its name.  

  Ladies and gentlemen

  With 2018 / 2019 economic statistics in Zanzibar reveal that the economic development improves impressively. The economy records 7.1 annual growths headed with tourism and services sectors. However, agriculture sector especially on commercial raw products recorded below the projected percent.   

  In 2019 / 2020 fiscal year, the Revolutionary government Zanzibar has indicated the areas of priority aim at sustaining and stimulating the economic growth by focusing on infrastructure development includes road, urban drainage system; Abeid amani Karume terminal II building; rural electrical supply; and small scale industry development.   

  Distinguish Guests,

  The economic cooperation between Zanzibar and China as we speak, is getting thriven as recently the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar though the Ministry of Trade and Industry received both China Government officials and businessmen aim at maintaining and strengthening the bilateral cooperation

  On 6th September, 2019, the Ministry of Trade and industry Zanzibar received 93 people delegation from Shandong Province whose visit resulted the signing of MoU between Zanzibar and Shandong Province on various economic cooperation projects in trade and investment.

  Notwithstanding, the ministry, 0n 7th July, 2019 welcomed the business delegation on fisheries sector development from Zhoushan, before  held meeting with another visiting group from Shandong Municipal Government on 7th to 10th July, 2019. All these visits prove the vibrant economic cooperation between Zanzibar and China.

  Your excellency,  

   We believe the ongoing business visit to Zanzibar will pave the way to economic growth to island’s tourism sector, services and small industry development.  

  The transferring of knowledge and technology will assist on overcoming the stalled strategies by the Zanzibar government in fulfilling her desire to meet all 2020 vision goals.  

  Invited guests,  

  My speech would have not been fairly concluded before I mention and thanks the presence of China medical team in Zanzibar and through the revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, I covey our heartfelt appreciations for the medical services provided.

  Indeed, the presence of active, punctual and efficient Chinese construction Companies help a lot the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar to accomplish her construction projects on time and at reasonable value. The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, kindly advice to those respective companies to work due diligently and to produce high quality exertion which can convince the Government to continue collaborates with Chinese Companies.

   The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, always significance and value the help from China in many ways including the infrastructure improvement, education and capacity building, medical service, sports, cultural exchange, political cooperation, here-with mention a few that Zanzibar have being beneficiary from the Zanzibar – China cooperation.  

  Your Excellency,

  On behalf of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and the all-inclusive people of Zanzibar, I reiteratively thank the Government of the People’s Republic of China and your Consulate in particular, for the healthier cooperation maintained. The cooperation between Zanzibar and China predicts flourishing future. I once again express our special appreciation to you, your Excellency, Xie Xiaowu, the Consul General of China and your entire staff for your commitment in strengthening bilateral relations between Zanzibar and China.

  The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar reassures the Government of the People’s Republic of China and its people that, we will continue to our commitment through working closely in maintaining and strengthening the cordial existing bilateral relations between Zanzibar and China for mutual benefit.

  Your Excellency,

  Distinguished Guests,

   Ladies and Gentlemen,

  There is famous Confucius coute says,  

  “Be faithful to your superiors, keep all promises, refuse the friendship of all who are not like you, and if you made a mistake, do not be afraid of admitting the fact and amending your ways.”

   Zanzibar and Tanzania in general, being a friend of China is not a mistake, because these two countries share many things in common and so we are alike. Our friendship is upright, sincere with much observation. With this remarks;

  May I now propose a toast, to the good health and prosperity of our nations and our People and to our all-weather friendship between Zanzibar and China.

  Long friendship, Long Comrades, Long live the friendship between Zanzibar and China.

  Thank you for your attention.

  Xie xie ( shie shie ) – thank you  



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