China Ought to Be Cherished as Friend, Partner of Whole World

Source:By George Muntu 2019-11-25

  Proponentsof the ‘China threat’ theory argue that it is inconceivable for China to have a peaceful rise. They feel that, a superpower China will inevitably be a threat to the United States. But these negative imaginations have proven to be wrong as China is continuing to partner the international community especially in doing trade and in resolving international disputes.

  Thus, the world has no reason to worry about China's involvement in world affairs. All countries should look at the country's rise as an opportunity rather than a threat.

  In his speech made on September 20 this year, US resident, Donald Trump, said that, China is threat to world.

  He also said that China is using money pilfered from the United States through unfair trade practices to build up its military. He went on to say that China is a threat to the world in a sense that the country is building a military faster than anybody.

  It is astonishing to see US, the world's largest economy, fear China, which is the second largest economy in the world. Let us ask ourselves, for China to have a large army, will it make it be a threat to the world? Or, will it make China be the first country to have a large army? If the answer is no, what does the US fear while China has never invaded any country? If the US feels that, a China with military power will pose a threat to the world, is the US that have a large army a threat to the world?

  If the US feels it has never posed a threat to the world, apart from having a large army, how does it know if China will not use its military power to promote peace and protect the interests of the whole world? We must ask ourselves twice about these uncertain suspicions before jumping to conclusions.

  The US believes that, a great China will end its dominance, but the truth is that, China's economic and military rise does neither intend to replace the US from its place nor seek hegemony other than seeking international cooperation. China's foreign policy is very clear, it is built in the principles of cooperation and multilateralism.

  Thus, for America to say that China's economy and its military are a threat to the world, it is a sentiment stemming from fear of losing its influence and military dominance.

  We have often heard uncertainties from top US officials complaining and accusing China that its economy is a threat to the security of both the US and the world. However, no one is ready to explain the reality of how China is contributing to the global economy.

  The western media is often at the forefront of spreading hate and propaganda to defile China so that people can see it as a dangerous country for world security.

  But they do not tell the truth about 30% of the country's contribution in the world economy. Since human beings believe in what they hear, then some of those who are unaware of how China is contributing to world development, thus, remain sceptical of such myths.

  It should be noted that, China is the only country in the world that contributes about 30% of the world's economy. The country has never invaded any other country and has no plans to do so, unless it is forced to. China has never ruled any other country the way the western nations did.

  China also has no hostile policies of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. The biggest problem for the Americans is that, they feel that if China becomes richer than them, then the US will lose its reputation of being the most powerful military nations in the world. Thus, it is ready to do whatever it takes to protect its reputation even by either going to war or imposing sanctions to any country trying to challenge its supremacy.

  In his speech to the Senate, Senator Marco Rubio delivered a timid and non-constructive speech about China.

  He stated that China's aim is to use economic power to displace the Unit- ed States of America.

  He said: "China's message to the world is that its industries, its workers, its politics will be more productive than ours. The Chinese Communist Party says to foreign to countries, to investors, to businesses that the long- term play to keep their economies growing is by partnering with them, not partnering with us." He further said: "If China becomes the world's dominant economic power, they will become the world's dominant military power. They will become the world's dominant financial power. They will become the world's dominant cultural power. And given their critique, and I would say disdain of our system, we can expect that in a future such as that, it will look much different than the reality that we live now. If China supplants America and the West, the world our children will inherit will be nothing like the one we grew up in and now.

  Then,what is wrong with it? Is it a preference for China to have a great economy? Of course not! I think it would have been wise if Mr. Rubio would have talked about what his country is not doing well and what it should do to help it stay on top economically and militarily. He would specify his priorities and give suggestion on what should be done instead of accusing China.

  Indeed, these are the negative assumption stemming from the imaginary fear that perhaps once China becomes economically and militarily powerful it will do the same as the did. It is unfortunate that, human beings are quick to forget their weaknesses but also quickly criticize an see the faults of others.

  What is thought about China as a threat to the world is what has happened and what is being done by the US and western nations. If you look at the First and Second World Wars colonialism, unilateral sanctions, are the result of their failure to use their wealth well for the good of the world. If they would have used their wealth well, the world would surely be peaceful and secure.

  But since those nations have failed to use their economies properly to make the world safer then they think that China will follow suit. However China does not have a policy of interfering with the internal affairs of other countries, so either way, it cannot use its wealth to start a war. It is obvious that, a country with a large economy must have a large army to protect it interests and that of other nations.

  Thus, as do the western nations an the US, China also has the right to have a great army to protect its interest an does not mean that the country must use good relations with the rest of the world to grow the economy and bring especially the US, are worried about to maintain world peace. A country with a large economy and a large army use its wealth to oppress others.

  The particular country needs to us the wealth to bring peace and build prosperity to the people.

  So, I do not see why the West, and especially the US, are worried about China’s economic growth, Americans should see the Chinese economy as a beneficial to theirs and the world rather than living with anxiety. China’s having a great economy and the largest army is not a threat to the US or to other nations buy a beneficial to the whole world.

  Furthermore, they need to under stand that China's foreign policy does not aim at world domination but aim at bringing the international community together to build a peaceful an co-operative world. It should be noted that, China is using its economy for the benefit of the rest of the world including the United States.

  One example is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The BRI is a collaborative initiative aimed at uniting all nations in the world to create and grow the global economy. Every country is invited to join the initiative.

  The other thing people need to know is that China's non-interference policy is of great importance because it provides an opportunity for ever country to do business with it.

  It should also be noted that, China respects international law as well as all international treaties, it respects other countries' cultures and borders. China has never taken the law into its ow hands to punish other countries, a Western nations and the US do. Therefore, people should not view China economy as a threat to the world.

  People should rather look China economy as benefit and opportunity for the development of all countries.



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