Ambassador Ma Xinmin Publishes Article Titled Second CIIE Conveys China's Strong Message of Further Openness to the World

Source: 2019-11-28


On November 26th, Chinese Ambassador to Sudan Ma Xinmin publishes an signature article titled Second CIIE Conveys China’s Strong Message of Further Openness to the World for the China Focus Column on Sudan Vision. The full text is as follows:

Earlier this month, the second China International Import Expo (CIIE), an annual event designed to welcome visitors from across the globe and to benefit the whole world, with the attendance of 181 countries, regions and international organizations, over 3,800 enterprises and more than 5000,000 domestic and overseas buyers, was successfully concluded in Shanghai. A total of $71.13 billion worth of tentative deals were reached during the event. The CIIE, which reveals the tremendous vitality of the vast Chinese market of 1.4 billion people, including 400 million middle-incomers, has become another significant platform for international cooperation in the new era.

Openness is a spirit stressed throughout the CIIE. Holding the CIIE to proactively expand imports is China’s major initiative to pursue a new round of high-level opening-up and to strengthen international cooperation under the “Belt and Road” Initiative and is also its proactive measure to respond to the aspirations of people from various countries to live a better life and to work together for an open global economy. It demonstrates once again the determination and great mind of China to open up itself to other countries all over the world and to share development opportunities with them.

The CIIE demonstrates that China will not stop its effort to pursue higher-quality opening-up to the world. Openness has always been the most distinct hallmark of contemporary China. Over the past seventy years since the PRC’s founding, particularly over the past forty years of reform and opening-up, China has realized a historic evolutionary process from being completely closed, through being semi-closed, to being comprehensively open at multiple levels and in a wide range of sectors, becoming the world’s biggest trading country and the second largest recipient of foreign direct investment. Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out, “China’s economic growth has been achieved with its commitment to opening-up, and in the same vein, high-quality development of China’s economy in the future can only be guaranteed with greater openness”. He has also reaffirmed on several occasions that “China’s door will never be closed and will only open still wider”. China’s endeavor to pursue higher-quality opening-up aims at not only heightening the volume of trade and the amount of investment, more importantly, it aims at realizing overall and institutional openness. Through rolling out and implementing an array of policy measures aiming at further lowering its overall tariff level, shortening the negative lists for foreign investment, broadening market access, promoting more transparent market rules and improving its business climate, China has sent a clear message of opening up more sectors, promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation and safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of foreign investors. As a country that will never stop its effort to reform and open up, China will continue to act as a stable engine of global economic growth and also a big market with enormous business opportunities.

The CIIE demonstrates that China will not stop its effort to pursue an open world economy. History has repeatedly proved that greater opening up leads to greater development, minor opening up leads to minor development, and no opening up results in no development. Nowadays, as global value and supply chains continue to expand, countries are economically integrated with each other, forming together the global economy that is like a big ocean. As it is impossible to channel the waters in the ocean back into isolated lakes and creeks, it is impossible to develop the economy isolatedly. Economic globalization represents the trend of our times that is as unstoppable as the surging waters of the Nile Rivers. Confronted with unbalance and inequity arising from the economic globalization, China proposed the Belt and Road Initiative to build a new platform for international cooperation, in the spirit of consultation and collaboration for shared benefits; and supports necessary reforms to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to safeguard interests of the vast number of developing countries and to push for a more just and equitable international economic order and governance system. China will made endless efforts to make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all, and work together with other countries to foster an open global economy oriented towards cooperation, innovation and mutual benefits and build a community of a shared future for the mankind.

Economies make progress through exchange and inter-connectivity, and the intended goals are achieved if the trend of the times is followed. Win-win cooperation will remain the constant theme of the development of China-Sudan strategic partnership; openness and inter-connectivity provide continuous momentum for deepening China-Sudan practical cooperation. This year has witnessed steady development of bilateral economic and trade relations and further growth in the bilateral trade scale. In the first half alone, Sudanese exports to China exceeded $700 million, which makes an increase of 63 percent over the same period last year. Sudan boasts rich natural resources and is the home to many good agricultural products. China is pleased to see a growing number of high-quality agricultural and husbandry products from Sudan, such as mutton, beef, peanuts, sesame, Gum Arabic etc, to enter the Chinese market to meet the market demands and find their way to the dinner tables of the Chinese people.

“The Chinese market is so big and we welcome you all to come and see”, at the opening ceremony of the second CIIE, Chinese President Xi Jinping made the above remark, sending a sincere invitation to all visitors from various countries in the world. This year’s CIIE has concluded successfully. The next year’s CIIE is scheduled to open on November 5, 2020.We cordially welcome all of you, including governmental officials, industrial and commercial figures, exhibitors and professional purchasers of Sudan, to participate in the next event. Let’s meet in the open megacity of Shanghai and let’s share a future of common prosperity!


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