Ambassador Ma Xinmin Publishes Article Titled China-Sudan True Friendship Thrives -- Chinese Enterprises as a Dynamic Force to Boost Sudan's Economic Growth on Sudan Vision

Source:MFA 2019-12-13


On December 11th, Chinese Ambassador to Sudan Ma Xinmin publishes an signature article titled China-Sudan True Friendship Thrives -- Chinese Enterprises as a Dynamic Force to Boost Sudan’s Economic Growth for the China Focus Column on Sudan Vision. The full text is as follows:

For the Sudanese friends, the names of many Chinese enterprises, like “PetroChina”, “China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC)”, “China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG)” and “New Epoch Agricultural Development Company”, are not unfamiliar. Growing deeply rooted in Sudan for years and sharing joys and sorrows with Sudanese people, the Chinese enterprises have not only left their marks in various places but also showed China’s true friendship.

Over the past six decades since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Sudan in 1959, economic and trade cooperation has been serving as the ballast and propeller of the bilateral relationship. Particularly since the mid-1990s, economic and trade cooperation between the two sides has seen a significant growth in its scale and has yielded fruitful results. China has remained, for a couple of years, as the largest investor to Sudan and also as the partner contracting the most projects in Sudan.

Over the past decades, Chinese people have been working hard and endlessly in Sudan, on the basis of equity, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, to devote themselves to the construction and development of Sudan. According to incomplete statistics, more than 120 Chinese enterprises have made investment totaling over $13 billion in Sudan, in a wide range of sectors, including oil, buildings, road bridges, textile, mining, agriculture, hydropower, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and automobile manufacturing.

Since entry into Sudanese market in 1996, the PetroChina has overcome a series of difficulties and made endless efforts in the past 20 plus years to assist Sudan in successfully building three major oil fields with an annual output of 26 million tonnes of crude oil and the oil refineries with a yearly capacity of five million tonnes. As a result, Sudan manages to establish a modern framework for its oil industry with systematic completeness, technical practicality and scaled supporting facilities and transformed itself from an oil-scarce nation into a major African oil producer and refined oil products exportser.

Working in close collaboration with the China Aid Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center in Sudan, Chinese agricultural enterprises have bred and cultivated a new cotton variety named “China No.1” that suits local conditions, boosting the cotton plantation area in Sudan from less than 200,000 mu (approximately 13,333.33 hectares) in 2012 to five million mu (approximately 333,333.33 hectares) at the end of 2018, making 2,500 local farmer households better off, and more than 30,000 local people employed.

Mining cooperation between China and Sudan evolves from China’s sincere assistance in prospecting and has yielded fruitful results through investment from Chinese enterprises. Since 1976, China has provided Sudan with free assistance in prospecting for minerals and in nurturing prospecting talents and successfully discovered over three million tonnes proved reserves of chromite. Chinese mining enterprises have poured in Sudan over $100 million into the exploitation and processing of minerals including gold, copper, chromite and marble, and brought into Sudan advanced mining and smelting technology and equipment.

Furthermore, Chinese enterprises have been actively engaged in the construction of local infrastructure, including highways, railways, buildings, road bridges, and hydropower projects, providing Sudan with access to Chinese technology and dramatically improving the conditions of its infrastructure. Three magnificent dams, i.e. Merowe Dam, Roseires Dam and Upper Atbara Hydro Junction Project, prominent on the new Sudanese 100-pound banknote, are constructed by or partially rebuilt by Chinese enterprises, contributing up to 95% of power generation in Sudan, witnessing China’s sincerity and its profound friendship with Sudan.

As a crucial gateway in Africa, Sudan provides three neighboring countries namely Chad, Central Africa and South Sudan with the access to the outside world. Thanks to an array of key projects in Sudan, ranging from Sudan Dama oil wharf project, new container berth project to livestock wharf project, which have been built by Chinese enterprises since 1985, Port Sudan has turned itself into a 25-berth modern port that consists of the specialized oil wharf, the container wharf and the dedicated livestock wharf, with the annual throughput reaching eight million tonnes and capable of allowing the 70,000-tonne freighter to berth at the dock, thus creating favorable conditions for foreign trade development in Sudan.

In the past six decades since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Sudan, through utter devotion and hard work, Chinese enterprises have made noteworthy contributions to the development of bilateral friendly relations. Chinese enterprises will surely act as a dynamic force to assist Sudan in maximizing its“ potential in marine space and the validity of its rivers and air space” to develop the economy of regions adjacent to the rivers and the ocean, building the whole industrial chain for its agriculture and animal husbandry industries and upgrading local infrastructure, to benefit larger groups of Sudanese peoples.


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