Join Hands to Defeat the COVID-19 and Build a Community of Public Health Security for Mankind

Source:MFA 2020-04-08


At present, the COVID-19 is spreading rapidly around the globe, affecting more than 200 countries and regions, with more than 700,000 confirmed cases outside China. Its transmission capacity, speed and scope are beyond our imagination, posing a severe threat to the lives and health of people of the whole world. Virus respects no borders. The only right choice for countries in the world is to uphold the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, strengthen confidence, act with unity, and work in collective response to win the battle against this severe infectious disease.

In the face of the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19, under the strong leadership and personal command and deployment of President Xi Jinping, we have mobilized the whole country and all the Chinese people, and decisively taken the most comprehensive, resolute and thorough measures to contain and defeat the epidemic within China and prevent it from spreading out of China. With over two months of unremitting efforts, we are winning the battle against the COVID-19 with the signature Chinese speed, scale, strength, efficiency, spirit and culture. Now, the situation in China has been turning for the better, and the economic production and life activities around the country are getting back to normal.

In China’s fight against the COVID-19, leaders of more than 170 countries and over 40 international and regional organizations have expressed their condolences and support to China in various ways, giving a thumb-up to China and the Chinese people for making tremendous sacrifices and gaining precious time for other countries and regions to prevent and control the COVID-19. Many friendly countries, enterprises and organizations have lent a helping hand to China by donating cash and a large number of medical supplies. A friend in need is a friend indeed. The Chinese people will always remember and cherish it.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in many countries around the world. China shows empathy with the countries affected by the COVID-19 and has extended a helping hand to them in a timely manner. President Xi Jinping has met or had telephone conversations with over 20 foreign leaders and heads of international organizations to express China’s sincere condolences and firm support, and share China’s experience in fighting the COVID-19. During the recent Extraordinary G20 Leaders’ Summit, President Xi Jinping put forward such major proposals as resolutely fighting an all-out global war against the COVID-19, making a collective response for control and treatment at the international level, supporting WHO and other international organizations in playing their active roles, and enhancing international macro-economic policy coordination, so as to provide strong political guidance for all countries to join hands to combat the COVID-19, improve global health governance and build a community of public health security for mankind.

China has always supported the global fight against the COVID-19 with concrete actions and the due responsibility of a major country. With an open, transparent and responsible attitude, we identified and shared all the pathogenomic sequencing of the novel coronavirus in a record-breaking short time. China has notified and shared the information related to the COVID-19 with the WHO and relevant countries, and timely verified and released the information on all suspected and confirmed cases.

China has put in place an online knowledge center for the prevention and control of the COVID-19, which is open to all countries. We have held nearly 20 expert video conferences with more than 100 countries in Northeast Asia, South Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and South Pacific, as well as regional organizations such as ASEAN, the EU, the AU, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the CELAC to share our experiences on prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner, which has greatly enriched the global anti-epidemic took kit.

China has donated 20 million US dollars to the WHO and pledged assistance to 83 countries, the WHO and the AU, covering testing reagents, masks and protective suits, many of which have been delivered to the recipients. China has innovated anti-epidemic cooperation under the model of “one Chinese province helping one country”, and sent teams of medical experts to such countries as Italy, Iran, Iraq, Serbia and Cambodia.

As good friends, good partners and good brothers, China and Africa have shared weal and woe and offered mutual support throughout the fight against the COVID-19. Now the virus is raging in Africa with confirmed cases having been found in 46 African countries. While strengthening its own epidemic prevention and control efforts, China has shared experience with Africa , and lent a timely hand to support and assist Africa to the best of its capability.

China has provided two batches of testing reagents to the AU, and sped up to offer some African countries medical supplies, including masks and protective suits. The Chinese experts have held video conferences with 24 African countries and the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention to exchange anti-epidemic experience, and Chinese medical aid teams to Africa have been mobilized to participate in anti-epidemic operations in the countries where they station.

China’s Jack Ma Public Welfare Foundation and Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation have decided to donate 100,000 masks, 1000 protective suits, 1000 protective face shields and 20,000 testing kits to each of the 54 countries in Africa. The relevant medical supplies have arrived in Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian government is responsible for coordinating the distribution. Now the African countries are communicating with the Ethiopian government for delivery and some countries have already received the supplies.

Since the first confirmed case found on March 5, the number of infections in South Africa has soared to over one thousand, making it the country with the largest number of confirmed cases in Africa, and the situation now is very challenging. President Cyril Ramaphosa is leading the South African government and people to take resolute and decisive measures to contain the spread of the epidemic. We express our sincere appreciation and support to President Cyril Ramaphosa for his outstanding leadership in dealing with the epidemic.

We will never forget the full understanding and firm support given to China’s fight against the epidemic by President Cyril Ramaphosa and other South African leaders and people from all walks of life. Despite suffering the impact of the epidemic themselves, many South African companies have made generous donations to support China. We are grateful to South Africa for the solidarity and friendship in the testing times. Now it is the time for China to reciprocate South African friends with concrete actions and love.

While sharing the anti-epidemic experiences, as early as over a month ago, China has provided the South African government with 50 testing kits. Recently, China has provided 5,500 testing kits and other medical supplies such as masks to South Africa. The Chinese Embassy in South Africa, in collaboration with Chinese company Dahua Technology, provided and installed a fever detection system for the Union Building, and organized the Chinese communities in South Africa to donate masks and other medical supplies to KwaZulu-Natal Province. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has also donated goggles and masks to the South African National Defense Force, providing strong support for them to enforce national lockdown.

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa has also coordinated the Chinese enterprises in South China to give priority to the supply of raw materials for South African mask manufacturers, and supported the Chinese communities in urgently ordering mask production equipment from China. The relevant equipment has arrived in South Africa and been put into operation. We have also encouraged Chinese enterprises to export more masks and other medical supplies to South Africa to meet the local demand. The Chinese enterprises and communities in South Africa have generously donated 3 million Rand to the South African government, of which 1 million Rand came from Huawei. In the future, the Chinese government, enterprises and communities will donate more cash and kind to help South Africa fight the epidemic.

Solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons to overcome the COVID-19, which concerns the safety of the entire humanity. Amid the storm of the COVID-19 ravaging the whole world, China will firmly join hands with South Africa and other countries to fight the epidemic and safeguard global public health, so as to build a community of public health security for mankind, inject strong positive energy into building a better and healthier world, and write a new chapter for the shared future for mankind.


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