Chinese Ambassador to African Union H.E. Liu Yuxi meets with Deputy Chairperson of AU Commission H.E. Kwesi Quartey

Source:From Chinese Mission to the African Union 2020-04-21


On 13th April, Amb. Liu Yuxi, Head of Mission of China to African Union, met with Deputy Chairperson of AU Commission H.E. Kwesi Quartey. The two sides exchanged views on China-Africa cooperation in combating the covid-19.

Amb. Liu said that China and Africa are good friends, partners, and brothers. At the critical moment of the Chinese people's fight against the epidemic, African countries and people have expressed strong solidarity and given valuable support to China, which we bear in mind. When Africa is facing challenges of covid-19, both the government and the people of China have taken proactive actions to provide assistance to Africa urgently.

Amb. Liu emphasized that, during our fight against the coronavirus, the Chinese government has been attaching great importance to the life and health of foreign nationals in China. All foreigners are treated equally. We reject differential treatment, and we have zero tolerance for discrimination. Recently the incident happened in Guangzhou had drew attention. The Guangdong authorities attach great importance to African side's reasonable concerns and legitimate appeals, and are working promptly to improve their working method. The measures include: to provide health management services without differentiation, to designate hotels for the accommodation of foreigners required to undergo medical observation and adopt price adjustment for those in financial difficulties; to set up effective communication mechanism with foreign Consulates-General in Guangzhou; and to reject all racist and discriminatory remarks. Amb. Liu assured that African friends can count on getting fair, just, cordial and friendly reception in China. The Chinese side hoped that all foreigners in China can abide by China's law and provisions on epidemic prevention and control like Chinese citizens.

Mr. Quartey spoke highly of the solidarity and cooperation between Africa and China during the battle against covid-19. He said that the African side attached great importance to Africa-China relations, and we still need to strengthen our cooperation when facing the same challenges. He believed that if the issue was properly managed, we can embrace an even stronger relationship.

Both Amb. Liu and Mr. Quartey agreed that this is an significant and fruitful meeting, and it helps the two sides to understand more from each other. Both sides reject differential treatment, racism and discrimination, and will be committed to better cooperation to combat the covid-19 together and promote the China-Africa relations to a new high level.


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