The lies about China.

Source:MFA 2020-05-10

  By Mubarak Mugabo

  There's an old Chinese proverb which states; “He who blames others has a long way to go on his journey, He who bla mes himself is halfway there and He who blames no one has arrived”.

  Unlike with Ebola or SARS outbreaks, Corona Virus (COVID-19) has not only exposed the inefficiency of some governance systems, weak health care, it has instead featured unprecedented blame games, lies, wasting too much time as more lives get lost.

  The blame and lies around COVID-19 are mostly rotating around campaigns attempting to accuse the Chinese authorities of under-reporting both total cases and deaths especially when the outbreak was first reported in Wuhan city in China.

  This followed US’s decision to cut funding for the World Health Organization for allegedly siding with China in this fight.

  US President Donald Trump and other politicians have on several occasions been quoted in the media throwing blames against their Chinese counterparts.

  They claim China was dealing with the epidemic more than a month earlier before the world learned about it. Many People in the world have unfortunately tried to buy into these theories.

  Some media houses in Asia even started running stories accusing how the Chinese “set the world ablaze” while Chinese are resuming work and producing COVID-19 masks and other logistics.

  The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying however treated all this with the contempt it deserved recently.

  “China has always been open, transparent and responsible in all its efforts. Can the few US individuals accusing China tell the world, if the outbreak had hit the US first, would it have handled the situation better than the Chinese government?

  I would rather pose other questions different from what Ms. Hua had put forward, she asked from a Chinese perspective and I’m no Chinese.

  From a Ugandan and African view, if it was first reported in Africa, how would the rest of the world have treated it.

  The myth already spread in Africa that “superpowers” are on top of every situation but what we see now, the emperors are naked!

  Scientific facts needed not propaganda.

  As of now 30th April US already surpassed a million cases as European countries are in a total lockdown.

  By imposing restrictive measures, the pandemic is now effectively prevented and controlled in China, with latest figures show that rarely any locally transmitted cases are recorded.

  Chinese enterprises are now returning to work, expanded their production capacity, working around the clock to produce medical supplies and reinforce other countries' combat.

  Wouldn’t it have been far better if we paid more attention to scientific debates on the genesis, vaccine, transmission and cure of COVID-19?!

  Now that we have consumed too much of blames and counter blames, and the nature of the damage the enemy is putting on us, are we willing to lose this battle by blaming each other?

  As WHO’s Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on 8 April, “Don’t politicize the virus or we will have many more body bags”.

  Way forward.

  Uganda’s COVID-19 cases are still below 100 as those of Kenya, Tanzania and many in the region already surpassed 200.

  These are worrying figures and calls for more drastic approach which fortunately Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni is employing Chinese like measures and so far there are reports of suggesting that the country could have succeeded in breaking the chain of transmission.

  Out of the 79 cases, Uganda has managed to register over 50 recoveries.

  So if blame games are not helping Europe, US, China and others with better economic muscles, we in the developing world should better concentrate our energies on this joint fight against the virus with rather than consuming more lies to slander each other and finally destroy our efforts. otherwise more lies and blames will cost us more time and more lives.

  The writer is a journalist at Vision Group and a China-Africa Press Centre Fellow 2019.


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