Interview: China's support vital to Africa's COVID-19 fight, says expert

Source:Xinhua 2020-06-22

  China's support and aid is important to and much appreciated by Africa in the continent's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, former Director-General of the West African Health Organization Placido Cardoso has said.China's assistance to Africa "is very important and essential in different strategies to fight against the virus," the expert on international health said in an interview with Xinhua.Cardoso, who is currently a member of the High Commission of fighting against COVID-19 in the country, said since COVID-19 broke out, China has been providing support and aid to Guinea-Bissau, which is "special and much appreciated" by the country.He also noted that "China's experience in dealing with this health crisis is extraordinary, and Guinea-Bissau needs it."According to a United Nations report in late May, Guinea-Bissau has the second most vulnerable health system in Africa, and the report warns that the country's health system risks collapsing with the COVID-19 pandemic."Guinea-Bissau's health system is failing due to lack of investment in the sector, so the country is left without quality health infrastructure, without necessary medical equipment and lack of qualified medical personnels," the report said.On Thursday, a second donation of medical supplies from the Chinese government to Guinea-Bissau arrived at Bissau's Osvaldo Vieira International Airport.Cardoso also stressed that China's gesture of solidarity shown in the COVID-19 fight "will further strengthen the existing cooperation relations between China and Africa.""I think all countries should follow this gesture of solidarity from China and its people," said the expert, while hailing China's rapid support to the African continent.The Chinese government, Chinese companies in Africa, and Chinese foundations of Jack Ma and Alibaba have made several donations of medical supplies and equipment to help African countries cope with the virus, he added."China has shown once again that its relations with Africa are excellent," said Cardoso. "This gesture of solidarity strengthens the trust and friendship between our peoples." Enditem


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