China-Africa relations are an example of openness and innovation

Source:chinadaily 2024-04-10

Cooperation between China and Africa is not exclusive or self-centered but characterized by openness, confidence and innovation, which is an example of practicing multilateralism, a senior diplomat said on Tuesday.

Liu Yuxi, a special representative of the Chinese government on African Affairs, made the comments at the 3rd Conference on Dialogue between Chinese and African civilizations.

Their cooperation has not only enhanced Africa's development capacity and improved its business environment but also created more favorable conditions for international cooperation with Africa, Liu said.

China has been Africa's largest trading partner for 15 consecutive years, and bilateral volume reached $282.1 billion in 2023, statistics showed.

The tangible results of China-Africa cooperation have significantly transformed the economic and social development of the continent, Liu said.

In terms of cooperation with Africa, China never interferes in the continent's development path and internal affairs, never imposes its will on Africa, never attaches political conditions to aid, and never seeks political self-interest in investment and financing, he said.

These principles serve as the key to the success of the China-Africa community with a shared future, he added.

Under the theme of "Inheritance, Sharing, Development: Toward a High-level China-Africa Community with a Shared Future," the conference, held by the China-Africa Institute, gathered more than 100 participants including Chinese and African scholars, diplomats and members of the media. 

Rahamtalla Mohamed Osman, the permanent representative of the African Union to China, said that in today's world with complexities and uncertainties, dialogue among different civilizations become especially crucial.

Dialogue facilitates effective understanding, mutual respect and cooperation among different cultures and societies, thereby bringing more peace, tranquility, and progress the world, he said.

"Through dialogue and exchange,people can learn from each other, dispel stereotypes and misunderstandings and work together to address common problems and challenges."

As China and Africa are joining hands to strive to achieve a high-level community with a shared future, such dialogue is indispensable, Osman added.

The history of friendly exchange between China and Africa dates back to ancient times, he said, adding that "we should continue to inherit the spirit of the friendly cooperation to constantly deepening and expanding the relations between Africa and China."

Gao Xiang, dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Chinese Academy of History, called on China and African nations to explore new pathways for cooperation in areas such as the exchange of governance experience, agricultural modernization, industrialization, economic diversification, and nurturing new quality productive forces.

This will enable joint construction, governance, and sharing to become a powerful driving force for the vigorous development of China-Africa cooperation in the new era, Gao said.


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