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China Exclusive: Ebola shadow darkens sunny African outlook
China's aid to support war against Ebola arrives in Ghana  (2014-10-31)  
Mozambique's ruling party wins general elections  (2014-10-31)  
Agreement on Mutual Visa Exemption between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Mauritius shall enter into force  (2014-10-31)  
Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Ms. Sun Baohong Visited the Ashanti Region (2)  (2014-10-31)  
China mourns Zambian president's death  (2014-10-30)  
China helps Africa to fight Ebola
Li Keqiang visits African countries in May, 2014
Xi Jinping visits three African countries 2013
Hui Liangyu visits Namibia, Zimbabwe 2012
Jia Qinglin attends the AU Summit 2012
Yang Jiechi visits three African countries 2012
Liu Yandong visits three African countries 2011
 Sino-African Relations
China urges full implementation of new UN resolution on Somalia
Statement by Ambassador Wang Min, Deputy PR of China to the UN,at the Second Committee of the 69th UN General Assembly on Item 22: Groups of Countries in Special Situations
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on Chinese Government's 4th Batch of Assistance to Western African Countries to Combat Ebola
 Exchanges and Dialogues
Remarks by Ambassador ZHANG Yue at the Signing Ceremony of the Exchange of Notes on the New-round Assistance of China to Liberia for Combating Ebola
Zimbabwean president lauds health, education infrastructure deals with China
Interview: Sino-Africa friendship deeply rooted among people: envoy
 Entering Africa
Botswana's ruling party wins parliament majority: media
Authorities raise Ebola readiness
Freed Chinese hostages arrive in Cameroonian capital
Interview: UNESCO chief lauds China's effort in supporting education in Africa
China to help Sierra Leone set up Ebola lab
 Academic Exchanges
Nigeria, China hold conference on conflict resolution
Speech by Mr.Lu Shaye, Director-General of African Department of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the seminar of Chinese Dream, African Dream--Achieving Common Development through Joint Efforts
Application Forms for China-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Programme
Beautiful Moments [more>>] 
Chinese vendors in Senegal
Daily life of Egyptian children in mosque during Ramadan
6th Int'l Festival of African Traditional Arts & Savoir-Faire held in Senegal
Sunset view in Cairo
Journey of life on African savanna
Dream Park in Cairo
Rainbow appears over sky of Madagascar
World Heritage: Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
Daily life in Monufia Governorate of Egypt
Best creature comforts by a long neck