Gert Grobler, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of African Studies, Zhejiang NormalUniversity, China……


Think Tanks and Institutions

Academy of Contemporary China and World StudiesAfrica Institute of South AfricaCenter for African Legal and Social Development Studies at Zh……


The Myth of Chinese Exceptionalism in Africa

Those of us who research Chinese business in Africa have always struggled with a seeming paradox……


Business Perception Index Kenya 2014

Business Perception Index Kenya 2014


Academics help shape multitude of dreams

Source: The Africa Daily Think tanks forums provide the best avenue for exchanges between scholars from two sides. The China-Africa Think Tanks Forum is an initiative launched by Zhejiang Normal University in 2011 to create a shared platform for dialogue and exchanges between Chinese and African think tanks. The Institute of African Studies and the China-Africa International Business School at the Zhejiang university act as the forum's standing secretariat.


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