Peng Liyuan calls for increased input, cooperation to advance global TB control

Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping and also the World Health Organization(WHO)goodwill ambassador for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, on Wednesday called on all parties to jointly improve global tuberculosis(TB)prevention and treatment.She also expressed her belief that with concerted efforts, the goal of ending the tuberculosis epidemic will be achieved as scheduled and greater contributions will be made to building a global community of health for all. .


Xinhua Headlines: China launches crewed mission to complete space station construction

Developing it from a single-module structure into a national space laboratory with three modules--the core module Tianhe and two lab modules Wentian and Mengtian.*This is the 23rd flight mission since the approval and launch of the country's manned space program.2022 shows China's Shenzhou-14 crewed spaceship docking with the radial port of the space station core module Tianhe. (Xinhua/Li Xin)VERSATILE LABChina's Tiangong space station is designed to be a versatile space lab.


China to improve incentives for government policy implementation

China will enhance incentives and support for local efforts in implementing major policies with noticeable results during the 14th Five-Year Plan period(2021-.Well-performing provincial-level regions will get support in building IPR protection centers, launching pilot programs for financial reform and innovation, and improving vocational education, among others.


China maps out new blueprint on building of rule of law government

China has set out an outline on promoting the building of a rule of law government from 2021 to 2025……


China has over 1 mln medical, health institutions: white paper

The number of medical and health institutions in China skyrocketed from 170,000 in 1978 to over 1 million in 2020……


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