Across China: Former fisherman celebrates first Spring Festival ashore

It was the first time for 75-year-old fisherman Zhou Yalin to celebrate the Spring Festival ashore after he bid farewell to his fishing care……


Scientists discover 630 million-year-old fungus fossils in SW China

Scientists from China and the United States have discovered fungi fossils dating back 630 million years in southwest China's Guizhou Provinc……


China national museum to exhibit lunar samples

The National Museum of China on Tuesday announced that it would exhibit the lunar samples brought back by China's Chang'e-5 probe……


Across China: Tibetan New Year draws more tourists to northwest China

For the first time, Guo Yuchao, a 33-year-old programmer, had the chance to experience the unique Tibetan culture of Losar……


Chinese-English Dictionary of Weiqi Terms published in Beijing

The People's Publishing House and Chinese Weiqi Association jointly announced the release of the Chinese-English Dictionary of Weiqi Terms h……


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